Get Started with Fabrisonic Heat Exchangers

3D Metal Printing Without Melting

3D Metal Printing Builds Heat Exchangers with Complex Internal Geometry

Fabrisonic harnesses sound waves to merge layers of metal foil in a process that requires no melting. The 3D metal printing process creates complex components that have unique features and attributes not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques which is helpful for heat exchanger, cold plates and RF devices for the following:

Our Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Process Is Different:

  • We are able to create complex conformal 63D flow paths with a CNC finish
  • Fabrisonic has a hybrid system of additive and subtractive processes to reduce error because there is no need to remove the build from the machine.  It is done all in one area.
  • Combining a dissimilar metal such as a layer or copper in an aluminum can help wick away heat, increase performance and decrease weight.
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